Summer In NJ

Everyday is an adventure, especially when your in a state where you know no one. This summer is a new kind of adventure for me, as I am interning in northern New Jersey. I applied for the internship this past January with a Fortune 50 pharmaceutical company, I ended up being one of the 6% that got the position working in their consumer operations department working with their supply chain. It is perfect since my major at school is Supply Chain and Operations Management. Although, I want to work for a clothing store or brewery, this is a great experience and I am learning a lot.

Coming from Ohio, northern Jersey was a shock! Being only 40mins outside NYC, traffic is insane, the drivers are fast, people are ruder, but I kind of love it? Being my sixth week here, I have done a lot of exploring and have been to every mall (multiple times) in northern jersey. There are so many cute cities with nice downtown shopping strips. Plus, only a train ride into the city! Although I miss Cleveland, and my friends and family back home, I am enjoying my independence and freedom! I find joy in being alone, going new places without worrying that I will bump into an old high school classmate.

I think I am learning more about life and myself faster than I ever have before. 
Plus some great artist have come out of Jersey! Check out this playlist I made with some of Jersey's greatest!

Here are some pics of some of my adventures in NJ so far.


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