Cleveland Is The Reason

Growing up in Cleveland, I never pictured myself living in a city with such a negative perception when I grew up. All of my family on both sides have lived and grown up on the west side of Cleveland. But growing up in a suburb on the east side gave me a more distant idea of what Cleveland was like. I was ready to break free from the suburb girl routine- take risks and adventure somewhere new! What I didn't realize is what potential and culture the city has. Until the past two years when I started broadening my horizons past the snobby social circle of people I hung out with in the east side, I started to learn more about the downtown area- the bars, the events, and history that were something I so desperately needed to occupy myself by discovering. I explored all the neighborhoods outside of Cleveland, went to music and art festivals every weekend, and took in everything Cleveland had to offer! Up until then, I never wanted to live in Cleveland. But now, I know that I see myself here for a while- no matter if its not right upon graduation, I know that I eventually see myself raising a family in Cleveland or a city like it. It's the friendly people, and strong potential that yearns me to return all the time. 

I currently write this as the Cavs win their 8th game in a row! I mean we have Lebron back...need I say more? The transformation Cleveland has been going through lately is incredible! Cleveland is back on the rise, and I am so thankful that I am a young adult witnessing this change! I can't wait to see what is in store for Cleveland in the coming years am I am excited to be apart of this change!



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