Tragedy Strikes Philippines

Last Thursday, Super Typhoon Haiyan swept through the Philippines and destroyed many villages in the Philippines. Six days later, the Philippines are still struggling with the tragic effects. Officials stated that the death toll has raised over 10,000 in the country. Survivors have been struggling to get food, water, and medicine. They also have to deal with all the dead bodies and burying them; some corpses are crudely covered, and some left exposed to the burning sun. There have been reports of bodies getting mixed in the rubble, and bodies floating in the water. This is a tragic scene that has also left houses buried under water, and others completely wiped out. The storm has displaced an estimated 660,000 from their homes. Troops and aid have been sent in to help deliver food and water, but despite efforts there is still a severe shortage of food, water, and recourses for the survivors. The conditions are extremely horrendous, and survivors are now left in terrible conditions and are struggling to even survive. I know it is hard to imagine what is going on there, and many don’t worry about what is going on outside of their city. But being creatures of emotion, you have to sympathize and feel awful for the devastation that has taken place recently in the Philippines. I urge you to help this community, by donating money. Help their local relief effort, The Philippines Red Cross has already been working so hard to deliver goods to hard-to-reach places. Donating to the Community and Family Services International and the Philippine Red Cross will be most beneficial because they know the local needs and will be the best responders. I know many of you are busy, but at least show support by texting AID to 27722 to make a $10 donation to the World Food Program for the victims. There are many ways that you can support the Philippines, but I strongly urge you to show support in some way, especially if you have the recourses. Situations like this put life into percepective and should make you extra thankful for what you have today. I know it sounds cliche, but never take anything for granted.


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